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Paschal Associates announces partnership with Technofast Industries

News / Press Releases | Nov 11, 2019

posted by Susan Bolling

Paschal Associates is pleased to announce a partnership with Technofast Industries, a “worldwide leader and specialist in bolt tensioning, providing innovative and effective technical solutions along with uncompromising customer service driven externally, not internally.”   (

Technofast develops niche engineered products for critical bolting applications, offering cutting edge technology that enhances both safety and efficiency for our customers.

Mike Nanney, President, Technofast Americas, Inc., believes the partnership with Paschal Associates is the ideal introduction to aggregate and mining. 

“We are excited to partner with Paschal Associates because they not only have the experience required, but they are very well respected throughout the industry as experts.”

Thank you, Mike!  We are happy to add Technofast to our carefully selected portfolio of solutions for our customers.

Why? It’s no secret that installing and removing fasteners on large, heavy equipment can be both time consuming and strenuous.  Technofast offers solutions that make these processes faster and safer – for that reason and more, we think this partnership is a natural fit.

Sales Engineer Drew Barksdale (VA, eastern NC and SC, WV) elaborates –

“We all believe that Technofast Americas and Paschal Associates will make a great team.  The products and services they offer align with our mission to supply our customers with innovative solutions that improve the safety and maintainability of their equipment.  Technofast bolting technology evolves and improves practices that are decades old.  We are honored to work with them.”

Ask your representative how Technofast can improve your operations and reduce your down time today.

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