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Increase the Wear Life on Separation Media

Case Studies | Oct 2, 2016

posted by Susan Bolling

Paschal Associates combines the Deister screen with Polydeck and Major Wire media for vastly increased wear life.


The current screen machine made an inadequate separation of products and created a situation for uneven wearing and short life span of wire screen media.  This resulted in high media costs and consistently dirty material.


Paschal Associates, LLC designed a custom Deister screen that provides a clean separation and consistant gradations on all three desired products, which removed enough minus 50 mesh material through the bottom deck to produce a consistent specified dry sand product.


Paschal Associates, LLC was able to utilize the operational characteristics of the Deister screen along with a mix of Polydeck and Major Wire media to make the gradation cuts while achieving 5 times the wear life on the screen media.

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