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North Carolina Aggregates Association presents Golden Shovel Award

News / Press Releases | Aug 20, 2019

posted by Susan Bolling

In June 2017, the North Carolina Aggregates Association presented Bob Bartok with the Associate Member Hall of Fame Golden Shovel Award after the following recognition – 

(script courtesy of NC Aggregates Association)

The Convention Committee started the Associate Member Hall of Fame Golden Shovel Award in 2015.  It is to recognize an Associate Member who has supported the Association by attending the Annual Convention every year.

Past recipients of this Award are Al Philips, Ben Nine and Ben Bradsher.

This year the committee selected an individual who has been an invaluable resource for many in the aggregates industry over the years.  His depth of knowledge of crushing screening circuits, crusher liner profiles, alternative screen media and other information pertaining to the crushing industry is unmatched in this region.

His customer focus is second-to-none, and he has instilled this mind set throughout his organization.

This person remains committed to staying abreast of the latest plant modeling technology and is a proponent of applying this technology to help solve customer issues and study hypothetical alternatives.

This person is eager to share their expertise with others and has hosted or facilitated many training sessions for his customers over the years.

This person is a great representative for other companies who can assist with specific problems.  This person is very well connected in the industry and is willing to refer customers to the appropriate vendors to help answer a question or resolve an issue.

At this time, I would like for Mr. Bob Bartok to come up front to wear the Golden Hard Hat and hold the Golden Shovel for a photo we will display on the Hall of Fame plaque in the Association office.

June 2017 – Bob Bartok, recipient of the North Carolina Aggregates Association Associate Member Hall of Fame Golden Shovel Award

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